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Thanks to over 60 years' experience in a naturally favourable region, ASCOET PLANTS SARL has become the European leader in certified shallot seedling production.

Nicolas Ascoet set up his seedling production business in the 1960s. His son, Charles, followed in his footsteps and certified shallot seedling production took off. Today, the firm represents over 50% of the French market (more than 1,300 tons in 2012 over 77 hectares).
ASCOET PLANTS SARL products are well-known and marketed in many countries.

Brittany is influenced by the Gulf Stream and therefore enjoys a temperate climate. Set in the heart of Finistère, just a few miles from the sea, our production area offers an ideal climate for successfully growing shallot seedlings.

The farm is also naturally isolated from the ready-to-eat shallot production area.

ASCOET PLANTS SARL can therefore offer authentic products grown in quality soil, which is not prone to disease or parasites.

Drawing on this experience, the company is now firmly focused on the future.
It combines modern equipment and traditional growing methods with five partner producers, including:
• four conventional producers,
• one organic producer growing the
   Ecocert-certified Longor variety.

Nicolas ASCOET
Planting by hand in February
Harvesting in July
• Over 60 years' experience
• 77-hectare production area
    in 2012
• Over 1,300 tons in 2012
• Over 50% of the French market